Yes, we know that cellulite is fat accumulated in fat cells and that unfortunately it tends to rise to the surface of the skin and causes it to ripple and hollow out.
We also know that a poor diet, excess fat, alcohol, smoking, lack of physical exercise and stress do not help to combat it.
At HIC we can help you with different non-invasive treatments that will keep cellulite at bay.

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I don't know, it could be because of pregnancy, lack of consistency in exercise, ups and downs in weight, age.....
The fact is that the skin finds it difficult to regain its smoothness and becomes flaccid and toneless.
Thanks to the advances in non-invasive aesthetics, we can treat the flaccidity of your skin with different treatments.

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Remodellers (Bonds)

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Postpartum treatment

At last!!!
Your baby is now in your arms and changes in your body are inevitable.
Now you need to take care of yourself and let yourself be taken care of.
After pregnancy your body has undergone physical and hormonal changes to adapt to the growth of the baby inside you, this undoubtedly involves a stretching of the skin and muscles of the abdomen.
The skin contracts naturally, but it is difficult to get it back to its initial shape without diet, exercise and a good cosmetic treatment to help you regain your figure.

Postoperative Treatment

The worst is over!
Now it's time to put yourself in our hands to shorten the recovery process and achieve better results.
With this treatment we will achieve:

I'm sure you've felt your muscles complaining.
Maybe we use them too much and they contract to warn us.
Give me a break!
Day-to-day life does not allow us to listen to our body, but if we take a minute, we will notice that it is talking to us.
This massage aims to release the muscles and joints to help them function at their optimum level and eliminate that tension and stiffness that keeps you from feeling at your 100%
What are the benefits of decontracting massage?

Let us release your stress!
Don't you think it's time to treat yourself?
Put yourself in our hands and your body and mind will thank you for it.

Who hasn't ever said...
Tengo pesadez de piernas, o me siento hinchada, o.. noto las manos acartonadas, o el clásico “tengo retención de líquidos”?
In our body there is a mobilisation of fluids whose balance is extremely important for the correct nutrition of the cells.
Para que nuestras células “coman” estos nutrientes se mueven dentro del líquido intercelular donde se produce un intercambio de sustancias, es decir, lo que entra en la célula y lo que la célula expulsa.
The role of the lymphatic system is to transport these waste substances into the circulatory system so that the body can get rid of them.
Por desgracia, a veces esas sustancias se estancan a mitad de camino y no llegan a depurarse correctamente a su “estación”, los ganglios linfáticos.  Por eso se produce un edema o retención de líquido.
Manual lymphatic drainage consists of massaging the skin with very gentle, slow, harmonious and repetitive movements, following the flow of the lymphatic ducts, cleaning congested areas and ensuring that these waste substances reach their destination and that you feel well.

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