HIC Treatments

Beauty centre in Alameda de Osuna - Barajas

A new concept of non-invasive care and beauty, born with the sole objective of helping you to feel good.


We help you to achieve your goals

Starting from your current moment, we will combine your desire and your effort with our passion, combining manual techniques, appliances and organic products in their purest form for body and face, adapting to your specific needs.

In addition, we offer comprehensive advice to help us chart the way to achieve real goals.

Nuevos tratamientos


I-Shape EMS

Este dispositivo innovador y exclusivo utiliza la tecnología de electroestimulación para abordar simultáneamente diversas áreas específicas del cuerpo.


I-model Esthetic

El i-model Esthetic proporciona un tono muscular evidente, reducción de la celulitis y pérdida de grasa en sesiones de 20 minutos, generando 40,000 contracciones musculares profundas en todo el cuerpo.

Facial Treatments


Organic Facial Hygiene

Cleanse, purify and oxygenate your facial skin.

Anti Age Treatment


Learn about our anti-ageing treatment and help your skin regain its radiance.


Facial wood therapy

Tones your face, relaxes muscles and gives your skin elasticity.


Cranio-facial massage

Relax and give your mind a break with our massage.

Body Treatments


Anti-cellulite (Vouchers)

We can help you keep cellulite at bay.


Firming agents (Vouchers)

We treat the flaccidity of your skin with different treatments.


Relaxing massage

Put yourself in our hands and your body and mind will thank you for it.


Manual lymphatic drainage

Cleans congested areas of your lymph ducts.


Decontracting massage

Free your muscles and joints with our massage.

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About us

Finally we have in Alameda de Osuna a beauty centre designed especially for you, where we offer you the treatment and care you need for your body and face.

You will be able to see that achieving your goal is also our goal and we will combine ancient manual techniques with the most modern equipment and ecological cosmetics by the hand of our professional to adapt to your specific needs and together we will make you feel good.